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Comex Systems, Inc. is a leader in standardized test preparation. Major topics covered include ASVAB, CLEP, GED, SAT, and Basic Skills. Materials are available on DVD, iPods, Flash Drives and in book format. The newest delivery method is HD streaming off the web.


DVD PhotoThe main focus of our DVDs is subject matter review. Whether you are using a set of DVDs for a standardized test or studying a disc from our basic skills series, the DVDs will cover the content you need to know for that particular topic.



Flash Drives

Flash Drive PhotoThe flashdrives contain all the video content from the DVD lessons. Some subject also contain a PDF file of the accompaning study guide and an interactive sample test.



Study Guides

Study Guide Photo

The study guides contain a subject matter review for the given topic, sample exercises and a sample test.




Streaming Videos

This is a sample from the CLEP Humanities lesson 5.
This lesson is on art.


Our popular CLEP review series are now available to be streamed off the web. These are the same lessons found on our DVDs. Institutions receive their own unique login and password that they can distribute to their patrons. Patrons can then stream HD video to their phones, tablets and laptops. A student can study anywhere he or she has internet access. Multiple users can access the site simultaneously.

format videos

The iPod format videos are the same lessons as are on the DVDs. They are in a format that plays on an iPod touch. This allows them to be viewed anywhere.


The CDROMs contain the lessons from the DVDs in a compressed format. This allows them to play on older computers that are not equipped with a DVD drive.


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