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Introduction to Psychology


The CLEP Introductory Business Law DVD series contains 5 lessons.

DVD PhotoLesson 1 History of Psychology • Biological Psychology • Developmental Psychology
Lesson 2 Social Psychology • Abnormal Psychology •
Cognitive Processes
Lesson 3 Therapies • Methodologies and Statistics •
Physiological Psychology
Lesson 4 Consciousness • Memory Retention and Forgetting • Learning
Lesson 5 Intelligence & Personality Testing • Sensation & Perception • Motivation & Emotion

ISBN 1-56030-209-7 $750.00

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Flash Drive

Flash Drive PhotoThe flashdrive version of the CLEP Introduction to Psychology series contains all the video content from the 5 DVD lessons.


ISBN 1-56030-308-5 $750.00

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iPod format videos

The iPod format videos are preloaded on an iPod touch. The video content is the same content from the DVD series. There is one video lesson for each of the DVD topics. The iPod format allows the student to study anytime and anywhere.

ISBN 1-56030-242-9 $1000.00

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