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Study Skills


There are 5 DVDs in the study skills series. They help a student do better on a test and document sources for an effective essay.

DVD PhotoHow to Study
DVD ISBN 1-56030-214-3
How to Take Tests
DVD ISBN 1-56030-220-8
How to Take a Multiple Choice Test
DVD ISBN 1-56030-221-6
Using a Works Cited or a Bibliography
DVD ISBN 1-56030-223-2
How to Use Parenthetical Documentation
DVD ISBN 1-56030-224-0

Study Guide

Study Guide Photo

The How to Take a Multiple Choice Examination study guide gives the reader and effective strategy for getting through the examination quickly. The strategy allows the student not only increase their score by knowing what is correct, but also by knowing what is incorrect.


Study Guide ISBN 1-56030-258-5 $9.95